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Light Master 可为你的人像、风景、环境等作品带来专业的光影效果以及细节的提升。LoRA由200张来自世界同不同国家的摄影大师的优秀作品训练而成。这些作品主要包含了人像、雪山、大海、湖泊、草地、森林、建筑、街景、室内等等。


Pro版的光影大师,训练集素材增加到550张,全部为4K高清图片的图片。So,你可以使用该LoRA来感受摄影大师的光影情绪以及构图。Light Master 可以为你的作品带来以下9个方面的显著提升:













推荐模型:CGArt Butterfy(绝对秒天灭地的宝藏大模型,谁用知道)



提示词:你可以在提示词里增加诸如: shadow, side light、 top light、 backlight、 light on the face、 in the sun...

Enjoy It,Love your guys :)

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Origin: I've always loved the mood and atmosphere of light and shadow, the sunlight through the forest on the grass, through the window pane on the desk; I like to sip tea, listen to the blues, hold a book, in the smell of tea and books, in the afternoon sunshine, to feel the quiet years. That's why I was inspired to make this LoRA.

Light Master can bring professional lighting effects and details to your portraits, landscapes and environments etc work. LoRA is made up of 200 excellent works of photography masters from different countries in the world. These works include portraits, snowy mountains, sea, lakes, meadows, forests, architecture, street scenes, interiors and more. Among them, there are 100 pictures of people and 100 pictures of environment.

Some of the works of foreign master photographers are no longer high definition enough due to their age. I used Photoshop to restore all of them professionally, fine-tuning the composition at the same time, and carry out movie-level professional color grading. Then, one picture after another fine-tuning labels, and finally trained.So, you can use the LoRA to feel the photographer's mood of light and shadow as well as composition.Light Master can bring the following 9 aspects of your work significant improvement:

1.Provide professional light and shadow effects for faces (backlight, side light, butterfly light, contour light, split light...) ;

2, make the image look more realistic;

3, increase the sense of atmosphere and mood of the image;

4, so that the color tone of the image with a certain sense of art;

5, so that the image has the graininess of film;

6, to provide GI (global illumination) and natural light and shadow for the environmental band;

7, adjust the composition to make the main body of the picture more prominent;

8, adjust the characters as well as the background details;

9, fine-tune the character's face, so that it is more delicate, lovely, in line with Asian aesthetics.

Parameter suggestions:

Weight: 0.3-0.8 (used with other LoRA, recommended weight 0.5);

Models: compatible with all models such as realistic, 3D and 2D;

Recommended model: CGArt Butterfy (absolute treasure large model, who use know)

Sampler: Restar

Trigger word: you don't need any trigger word, you can also add trigger word: light master

Prompt: You can add prompt like: side light, top light, backlight, light on the face, in the sun...

Enjoy It, Love your guys :)

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SDXL 1.0

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