(masterpiece), (best quality), illustration, ultra detailed, hdr, Depth of field, (colorful), loli,(flowers background:1.45),(transparent background:1.3)(an extremely delicate and beautiful girl inside of glass jar:1.2), (glass jar:1.35),(solo:1.2), (full body), (beautiful detailed eyes, beautiful detailed face:1.3), (sitting ), (very long silky hair, float white hair:1.15), (medium_breasts, tally and skinny:1.2), (Colorful dress:1.3), (extremely detailed lace:0.3), (insanely detailed frills:0.3),(hairband , orange hair_ornament:1.25),orange cans,water surface,full body,(bottle filled with orange water,bottle filled with Fanta:1.25), (many fruits in jar, many Sliced_fruits in jar:1.25), (many bubbles:1.25), Colorful Girl

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