(masterpiece, Realism, best quality, highly detailed,profession),cyberpunk style,

Top view angle, looking at the lens,

((Full body image,:1.2)),soft lighting,

In the autumn forest, there are golden fallen leaves everywhere,

squat, looking up, fingersmile, spread legs,

1man,male focus,(30y.o.),Lots of body hair,exquisite facial features,
handsome,muscular,fitness,((men)),blonde hair,Thick chest muscles,

(butterfly tattoo),pink nipples,

(archer),(Shoulder armor),(mesh vest),(G-string:1.5),socks, (Leggings),(Hand armor),The red ribbon fluttered on the shoulders,

Holding a dagger,

HXARMOUR, EPICARMOR2024, Dark elf, gray skin, hand101, GameWeapon

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